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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Satya Tsai started her photographic career as a fashion & journalistic photographer over 25+ years ago in Hong Kong, where she learned as an understudy from the top photographer in the industry before embarking on her own. Her work has been featured in newspapers, magazines the like of Cosmopolitan, and cultural-indigenous pieces exhibited in museums and University of Texas El Paso. She now focuses on utilizing her photographic talent to build up people and their self-esteem. 

Satya's gift to you...

Satya's gift to you is...being seen...capturing your essence and reflecting it back through that you have the experience of being at home with yourself -----loving yourself and what you do! Bringing out someone's best and capturing it for them to see and embody is a gift Satya loves giving.

She understands how people see themselves and their self esteem is directly correlated and uplifting people in all sorts of professional settings has been one of the tenants of Satya's existence

Research shows that having an image of yourself and loved ones displayed significantly improves confidence as it reflects back the truth of your inner-outer soulful beauty...and the love captured for self and others.  

Recognizing that we are only limited by our imagination...she extends to others the amazing experience of knowing themselves from their core so that people live from that place. 


Can I get a Photo Book of the photo shoot? YES!


Photo Books available for your life occasion...





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When you order your photo book of your photo shoot...all you have to do is pick your favorite images and we will take care of all the details!

What goes into professional photography?


You are worth celebrating!


I'm happy to connect with you, learn about your goals and illuminate your uniqueness!!! You are here to share your gifts and spread your light...and it is my privilege to be a part of helping you bring that to the world. ​


Photography can be so much more that capturing your essence or the moment - it can be a therapeutic process in which you tap into the core of your true being and the beauty of you and loved ones, that's powerful! ​


Who you're trying to 'be' or create...

is worth celebrating and capturing! 


Beauty is from the inside-out...and boosting your self esteem in the process is well worth the gift you give to yourself. ​

If you're ready to capture your soul essence and give a boost or complete recharge to your self esteem,

let's connect and make magic happen together!

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