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Satya Tsai

Project Manager

Life & business coach, bestselling author,  speaker, facilitator, singer, photographer and dream maker





Sedona area


  • Trauma-informed

  • NLP Neurolinguistic Practitioner

  • Somatic therapy & movement

  • Business growth expert

  • Personal development trainer

  • Health & Nutrition leader

  • Image & Brand consultant

A Bit About Satya

Satya is versed in pioneering industries, ideas, and change for a better world, making a difference in people's lives ad the world is at the core of her existence. Internationally Life & Business Coach, Best selling author, activist, global musician, recognized socio-photographer and inspirational speaker, this altruistic humanitarian has shown us that living a life and creating a world your envision, is absolutely...achievable!

Her life is an example of believing in your dreams, knowing your purpose and living it.

Her message in everything she does is to enlighten others to create what they were born to do. She understands that the most fulfilling existence is living from that place, and shows you how to do it.

From 1:1 private coaching with individuals, consulting business owners, to educational/motivational seminars, and so much more, she is here to share in any way she can...the privilege of what she has learned about being happy and successful, no matter what.


Bottom line, she works with altruistic people who want what's best for humanity and the world...and are ready to play the bigger game of life of achieving your dreams. 

She wants everyone to know it's possible...and how to find the answers within and believe.

Her astute and gracious nature make it possible for others to carve their own lane in life. In her 20+ years of coaching with the best in the world, she knows that most people are hungry to have what they want for their lives and the world...and she makes it happen for those who are ready.

Satya is a gateway and catalyst for those that are ready to conquer themselves and their lives...and who want to play the Bigger Game of Life...and realize their greater potential of "Why am I here?"

Her motto is, "The time is now...and the world needs you".

Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Satya is an award-winning entrepreneur, recognized with the highest award in Hong Kong for the "Caring Company" award. She was also the pioneer of health and sports nutraceuticals in Hong Kong and led the industry for 11 years before selling the company.

She was the co-founder of the Asia region wide wholesale or retail company with 7 stores. 

She ran the company with her husband at the time, managing the marketing and public relations that led the company to its leadership position.

Facilitator, Speaker & Trainer

As a speaker and trainer, Satya Tsai uses humility, frankness, grace and humor to engage, entertain and educate her audience.

Her presentation topics include Solution-Focused solutions, Leadership, Leadership Development, Childhood Emotional Neglect, Trauma, Somatic Therapies, Mental Health, Personal Growth, Business Development, Psychology, and Manifesting Realities.

Spiritual Seeker, Kundalini Yoga Speaker

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Satya is a "Sannyasin" or 'spiritual seeker' in Sanskrit. The existential question of "why are we here" started with her father in her early teens, who was suicidal. Those conversations were intellectual and as deep as a mature teenage could handle. 

At the core, Satya was exploring everything possible in those conversations to prod her father's will to lie. It started an internal conversation and passion for understanding the human psyche, psychology, the spirit and world.

Her father being steeped in science...she understood that there is more to the world than meets the eye...and that our thoughts and beliefs have the power to drive your life's results. 

She started transcendental meditation at 10 years old and practicing the "Da Silva Mind Control Method" at around 16 years old. She was able to access the spirit world in her teens and not too long after she would learn about quantum physics that spurred an endless fascination coupled with psychology into the world of manifesting your dreams and altruism. 

She went on to meet and work with some of the biggest names in personal development, spirituality and green peace. She worked with Anthony Robbins as a trainer for 4 years, supervised Landmark programs for 3 years, with Thich Nhat Hahn, and attended programs for the mind, body & spirit from the best in the world, all over the globe while running her thriving business. 

Having lived in Asia she was exposed to Buddhism that fed into her Socratic mindset and life curiosity. 

Let's Connect...

If you'd like to hire Satya to speak, facilitate or coach you individually, please set up a time to connect!

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