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Illuminate Your Truth


Life & business coach, bestselling author,  speaker, facilitator, singer, photographer and dream maker

Satya is a master guide balancing current science, creativity and ancient wisdom to empower people to embody their truth and potential.

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Get Satya's #1 Bestselling Book, Next Level Your Life with Inspiration from Industry Leaders

This Book brings you story after story of transformation and growth from successful entrepreneurs including Satya's very own story in the Spiritual Business section. Each story shares the power in shifting your beliefs to get what you want!

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A reunion with your truth

that feels like coming home.

Steeped in the psychology of self-actualization working with Anthony Robbins and other global leaders at the forefront of neuroscience and spirituality, Satya

works with therapies and the quantum field to help transform lives.

Getting the clarity and confidence you need to bring forth your highest expression, disrupting limitations holding you back so that magic and

miracles become your a gift worth giving yourself.

If you’re ready to illuminate your true gifts, purpose and power,
book a free 30-minute consultation and let’s see if we’re aligned.
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Capturing your  true soul essence. 

Satya is a professional photographer with years of international experience in a multitudes of settings, including published work, exhibitions, and fashion industry in it's heyday.

Satya provides a uniquely disruptive process that let you shed the old that you can live from your highest self and purpose! 

If you’re ready illuminate the truth of your existence,
book a free consultation and let’s get started!


Events that illuminate Your Truth 

By working with me you will learn modern and ancient practices that heal past traumas, empower you to embody your truth and actualize your highest potential. 


Come back home to you....

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If you’re ready to deepen your inner work and spiritual growth,
learn more about our transformation events, workshops and retreats.

Paths to Illuminating Your Truth Soul Journey

Satya is one of the strongest leaders I have had the pleasure of working with at Anthony Robbins company. She combines a strength of character with an intelligent grace that allows her to relate to all people in a positive and proactive way.

Amber Dotts, Tony Robbins International Manager

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